Turn your Special Puppy into Dog Art

About me

Where dog obsession
meets graphic design


I'm Christina Usacheva and I'm a dogoholic.

Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with dogs. And I mean I love everything about them. Dog breeds - especially the rare, exotic ones are my passion.  Dog training - doing mantrailing and scent detection with my 2 pooches. Dog wellness - I'm a qualified back scratcher and belly-rubber.

I believe that each canine has its own personality, that special twinkle in its eyes that makes your heart melt.

My other passion - graphic design - looking for the balance between form, color and text. Constant search for clear ways to communicate with pictures, graphics and typography. As graphic designer, I feel the urge to fill the space around us with beauty, elegance and style.


At one point I was no longer satisfied with a random picture of a look-alike of my unique pup. They might be the one breed, but not quite the same. So was Ezy-Design born.

If you appreciate the unique genius of your dog and have a taste for modern digital art - you're at the right place.


Your personal dog art

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Passion for your dog

Dogs are amazing creatures. They love us more than they love themselves, they make us laugh, they bring us joy in the dark moments of our lives and most of all -  they are masters in reading our feelings.​​​


Getting to the essence

Yet each of them is unique with their individual characters and traits. When creating  your custom-made dog portrait we remove excessive details to get the essence of what makes your pooch one a kind.


A wonderful keepsake of the true love

Your exclusive dog portrait is printed under acrylic glass and has all-round gorgeous look that will last for years. Commemorate your faithful friend now and celebrate true love in style!