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pet art

Thank you for your request, I'm on it!

Why order custom pet portrait 
behind acrylic glass?

Custom-made portrait
from photo
acrylic glass.jpg
 Light- and water-resistant long lasting material
Ready to Hang
wall mount included


How can I order a portrait?
Choose your preferred size add a link to your photo and request a quote.
You'll receive a quote with exact price and payment details.
When paid, within a week you'll receive a preview of your dog portrait.
The artwork will then be printed and shipped


How do I choose the perfect picture?
When choosing your photo, keep the following in mind:
- is it sharp and not out of focus?
- is it not too dark nor overexposed?
- is it fully visible?
When in doubt, you can always send multiple pictures, so we can choose the best one. 


4" acrylic block - USD 53.95 / € 49,95
4'(10 cm) - USD 53.95 / € 49,95
12"(30 cm) -  USD 134.95 / € 123,95
20" (50 cm) -  USD 215.95 / € 198,95
screensaver/printable - USD 35.95 / € 29,95
extra pet - USD 25 / € 20


Do you ship to… ?
We print locally and ship to US, Canada, UK, EU, Europe (non-EU).

Please take contact if you want to ship elsewhere


What sizes are available?
At the moment, we offer following sizes:
- 4 x 4 x 1" (10 x 10 x 2.5 cm) acrylic block 
- 4 x 4" (10 x 10 cm)
- 12 x 12" (30 x 30 cm )
- 20 x 20" (50 x 50 cm)
Please let us know if you wish your portrait in a different size.


What are the shipping costs?

Canada + USA: USD 19,95
UK: € 19,95
EU: € 14,95
Non-EU: € 19,95

"The portrait was made in the memory of my dachshund, who has passed away. And it was the best way to honor him! I love that it is so unusual - the portrait is digital art, but his features are very recognizable. The quality is great, it’s not easy to scratch, the colours are very bright and intense. Very satisfied with the portrait, highly recommend the artist."


"I am soooo happy that I chose Ezy for a portrait of my three pets. Christina managed to capture their soul, I see their characters in the portrait. Cheerful Dima, sassy Julie and cautious Motik. Thanks to Ezy design, I will always have them with me in a unique and beautiful way!"


"My daughter surprised me with a portrait of my dog Masha. It is so gorgeous, I am so happy with it!"




Thank you for your message

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